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Pris: 1490 NOK

The course is required for anyone who is going to work with hot work. It provides a basic understanding of the laws and regulations which apply for the one working with hot work.

The course provides an understanding on how to assess risk when performing hot work and what the dangers are working with different types of equipment and worksites. The course also explains how to minimize risk and procedures on how to extinguish fire are


  • The safety regulation
  • Laws and regulations
  • Fire-and extinguishing theory
  • Behavior during a fire
  • Risk
  • Dangers linked to equipment and worksite
  • Dangers when using gas
  • First aid

The online course is flexible and practical- and gives you the possibility to take the course in a manner suited to you. You can split up the course in several sessions, so it is best suited for your situation.

To receive the certificate, the following must be approved:

  • Pass the theoretical exam in the online course
  • Send documentation of fire extinguishing exercise, no later than 3 months after complementing the course

Documents to fill out are provided in the course, as well as instructions for the practice extinguishing exercise.

Course duration: ~3-4 hours

The price for the course includes digital textbook, workbook and digital certificate.

Our course in hot work is approved by the Norwegian fire protection association and updated in accordance to new safety regulation 2020.

You will receive a digital certificate from the Norwegian fire protection association after completing the course.