Safety Representative – Short Course

Under the Working Environment Act, employers must ensure that safety representatives and members of working environment committees (WECs) receive and document SSA training. For many of them, it can be both expensive and difficult to find the time to attend an auditor training course. This online course is designed for those who have agreed that less than 40 hours of training time is sufficient for safety representatives.

Pris: 2990 NOK

The Norwegian Labor Inspection Authority states that if a company has more than 5 employees, a safety representative must be elected. The employer must ensure that the safety representative receives the necessary training to fulfil the role in a responsible manner. According to Section 3-19 of the Regulations on Organisation, Management and Participation, the minimum training requirement is 40 hours. However, there is an exception that states that the parties can agree on a training period of less than 40 hours. This is based on a risk assessment in the organisation, and if it is justifiable, the training can be reduced. This agreement should be made in writing.

The course covers the key HSE principles in the Working Environment Act. You will receive an introduction to systematic HSE work, risk assessment and first aid.

Target group
Anyone who is to become a safety representative.

Course topics
The Working Environment Act and key regulations / Introduction to HSE / Roles in HSE work / Internal control / HSE work step by step / Risk analysis / Ergonomics and physical working environment / Psychosocial and organisational working environment

What do you receive?
Diploma on completed course

Course language
The course is available in Norwegian, English, Lithuanian and Romanian.

Other information
This online course can be completed whenever and wherever you want on desktop, mobile or tablet. The course is pedagogically structured in modules with film, text, images and a final test.

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