Courses and exams – FAQ

How do I register and start a course?

Make sure that the flag on the website is in the language you want to take the course in.
Press the “register” button at the top. Then fill in the information in the registration form.
Select the course you want to take from the course catalog.
Click on the start button.

When can I start the course?

You can start the course immediately after registration.

How is the exam carried out?

The exam is conducted online after completing the course.
You must have 75% correct answers to pass the exam (a total of 70% on hot works course).
You get 3 opportunities to pass the exam.

If you do not pass the exam, you must retake the course.

When can I expect to receive my certificate?

Once all documentation and payment have been received, certificates of competence (plastic cards) are sent. These are being produced and sent out daily. You should expect it to take about 10 days from when the card is made until you receive it in the post. For hot works course, certificates of competency are issued by the Norwegian Fire Protection Association, which are sent electronically, normally within 30 days.

My employer will pay for the course, what do I do?

When you register as a user, you get the option – “Invoice to be sent to”.
Select “Company” and enter the employer’s information.

Is it possible to book courses/multiple courses for my employees?

Yes, you can register as many courses as you want for your employees. You must complete the registration and enter the personal data of the employees you want to register for courses. It is important that the name, date of birth and e-mail address are correct when registering. In the case of hot works course, it is very important that the participant’s mobile number is correctly registered. The user will be sent an email with login information and password.

For larger groups (10+) we can do the registration for you. Send an inquiry to and we will arrange it.

I am an employer, can I receive a copy of my employees' certificates of competence?

Yes – if your employer has paid for the certificate, we can send you a digital copy of your certificate. Contact us by email –

How can I get an overview of courses in my company?

If you have an agreement with Instant Kurs AS and you are the administrator of your company’s account, you can easily retrieve this in the administration panel by clicking on “Reports” and then again on “Training matrix”. Here you get a quick and easy overview of all participants’ progress on the various courses. You can use the search to find a specific person or export all user data to a Microsoft Excel table that will be sent to your email.

Occasional users:
You can contact us at with a request and we will send you an overview. You must send the request from your company email account and we must be able to verify that you are the employer.

Where can I do the practical training?

Instant Norge AS organizes practical training for groups and has set up fixed dates for the training:

Practical training can also be given internally/externally by a competent person. The practical training must be given by a person with at least equivalent competence. For example, if you are taking a course in scaffolding assembly 2-9 m, the person giving the training must have passed at least the equivalent course. The person providing the training must sign the practical training document that has to be sent to us.

I can't log in?

Common login problems and solutions

Are you on the right website?
Make sure you are on the correct website ( for English). If you are registered in another language, select the correct flag first.

Do you have the correct username?
Check the email you received when you registered. This should contain your web address, username and password.

New password:
Click on “Forgot password” on the login page.
Follow the instructions in the email that was sent to you to reset your password.

Make sure your browser is up to date to avoid compatibility issues.
Clear your browser cache if login issues persist after resetting your password.

Help from support:
If resetting your password via email does not resolve your issue, please contact our support team at for personalized assistance.

I have registered an account but have not received an email?

Check if the email has ended up in the trash / spam filter. We experience from time to time that emails end up in the spam filter.


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