Below you can find the practical-documents for the courses that requires documentation of practical training. Click on the course/courses that are relevant for you and download the document. The person giving the practical training needs to sign the document – scan the document and send it to:

Most of the courses from Instant Norge AS require that the participant can document practical training. The courses that require practical training are: Documenting the practice:

  • Scaffolding Course (over 9 m): 6 months experience in a business that uses scaffolding + 72 h practical experience with at least 3 different types of scaffolding.
  • Scaffolding Course 2.9 m: 15 h practical training
  • Scaffolding Course 2-5 meters: 7.5t practical training
  • Fall Protection Training: practical training in the use and safety
  • Personnel lift Courses: practical training in the use and safety
  • Dangerous hand tools – safety course: practical training in the use and safety
  • Course in lifting equipment, slinging and strapping: practical training in the use and safety
  • Hot work: From 01.02.2024, the instructor for practical fire extinguishing exercises must be an approved instructor or an employee of the fire service with expertise in conducting practical fire extinguishing exercises. Documentation of completed extinguishing exercise must be submitted within three months of the completion of the course. Please note that your telephone number is mandatory for receiving a Hot Works certification. Therefore, we kindly ask that you provide a valid telephone number when signing up for Instant’s Hot Works course. Please download the document for ID confirmation and return the completed ID confirmation to Confirmation ID

You will get access to the documents that must be filled out when you start the course. How to complete the training

The online courses cover the theoretical part of the training. The course participant is responsible for finding, completing and documenting the practical training. Instant Norge AS can organize practical training for groups on request. The practical training must be given by a person with at least the equivalent competence. If for instance, you are taking the Scaffold builder 2-9 m course, the person giving the practical training must at least have the equivalent course. The person providing the training must sign on the practical training document. The link to the practical training document can be found at the top of this page. Find the practical training document for the course that you are taking, and download it. Fill in the information in the document, once the training is completed. The training can take place at any time – before, during and after the theoretical online course. The person giving the practical training shall sign the document. Scan the document, and send it to: You will not receive a course certificate until the practical training document is received and registered.


The practical training must ensure that the participant can execute work in a safe manner. The user must receive full training in safe and correct use of the equipment, with focus on proper use in accordance with the user manual, and how to operate safety devices. Some of the courses have checklists to help guide the practical training. These can also be found in the link on the top of the page.


the employer must ensure that the employees have received equipment specific training, in addition to the general requirement of theoretical and practical training in the use of equipment. This means that new equipment can require a new run through of how to use it. Such training should be documented in the company HSE-system.


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