Course in lifting equipment, slinging and strapping

Our online anchor and strapping course (lifting equipment) provides documented training in accordance with the Regulations on Organization, Management and Participation, the Internal Control Regulations, the Regulations on the Execution of Work, the Machinery Regulations, the Building Regulations and the Workplace Regulations. An anchor/strap course is intended for personnel working in areas where lifting operations are part of the job. Anchors and slings ensure that crane and sling operations are carried out safely. This course covers the regulatory requirements for training.

Pris: 1990 NOK
Course length: 6 hours

This course will provide participants with increased knowledge of anchoring, signaling and strapping. Make participants aware of important safety measures so that injuries and accidents in the workplace can be avoided. The course teaches about HSE and the regulations that apply to workplaces where lifting is carried out. There is also a thorough introduction to the tasks of a strapper, anchor and signal giver, as well as the lifting equipment used to perform the tasks.

Target group
Personnel who assist crane operators with strapping, hoisting and signaling.

Course topics
Introduction / Laws and regulations / Signaling / Terminology / Lifting equipment / Applications / First aid

What do you receive?
Certificate of competence (electronic + plastic card)

Course language
The course is available in Norwegian, English, Polish, Lithuanian, Estonian and Romanian.

Practical training
The employer must document practical training (documents for completion are provided in the course). Practical training can be done in-house/externally with a competent person (someone who has a certificate of competence in a similar course from before).

Other requirements
The course covers the requirements for documented training for hooking, strapping and signaling. This is not a G11 course.

This online course can be completed whenever and wherever you want on desktop, mobile or tablet. The course is pedagogically structured in modules with video, text, images and a final test.

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