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Flexible courses

Our online courses are in accordance with the requirements of Norwegian laws and regulations. The courses are both practical and flexible; you can take the courses on your own terms, anywhere, anytime. Just make sure you have internet access. When you have completed the course (and documented practices where required) you will receive a certificate with image.

Courses and the exams

  • Several of the courses require that you document practical training before you get the certificate.
  • The practice document must be signed by a qualified person (means: a person who has passed a course that is equivalent to the course you are taking).
  • The courses consist of theory according to Norwegian rules, small quizzes along the way, and a final exam.
  • To start the exam you must go through the entire course. You can not jump forward in the course, but you can always go back and look at the parts you have already taken.
  • You can divide the course as you wish: when you log out of the course, you can continue where you left off at the next login.
  • It is important that you understand the information presented in the course. You have only 3 attempts to pass the exam. If you fail 3 times, you have to pay for a new course to reactivate course.
  • You must answer correctly to at least 75% of the questions to pass the exam.
  • The courses are general and independent of the scaffolding / platforms Instant Norway AS leads