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Many of our courses also require practical training. This must be documented. You can either sign up for a practical course at one of our departments (see course calendar) or carry out this in-house. The person providing the training must sign – then scan the document and send it to:

We require that the person signing the documents has completed a similar course as a minimum. You can access the documents that need to be filled out when you start the online course or under “documents” on the instant course website.

Practical training is essential for the safe use of equipment for several reasons:

First-hand experience: As the participant gains practical experience with the equipment/tool, they become more familiar with its functions, limitations and potential hazards. This enables them to understand how to use the equipment safely.

Problem solving: Through practical training, students learn to identify and solve problems that may arise while using equipment. This includes recognizing danger signals and taking necessary precautions.

Focus on safety procedures: Instructors will guide the learner in the proper use of safety equipment and the implementation of safety procedures. This can include everything from the correct use of protective equipment to how to react in case of emergencies.

Accident prevention: Practical training provides the opportunity to learn through mistakes and correct them in a controlled environment. This reduces the risk of accidents when learners later use the equipment in real-life situations.

Development of awareness: Through practical training, participants become more aware of potential hazards and risks associated with using equipment. This leads to an increased awareness of safety practices and a more responsible approach to using equipment.

Overall, practical training is essential to ensure that personnel have the necessary knowledge, skills and awareness required to use equipment safely. It helps reduce the risk of accidents and injuries, both for learners themselves and for others who may be affected by their use of the equipment.


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