Scaffold builder course – 5990 NOK

  Scaffold builder course 2-5 m – 1990 NOK

  Scaffold builder course 2-9 m – 3990 NOK

  Personnel lift course – 1990 NOK

  Scaffold user course – 1490 NOK

  Safety Representative – Short Course – 2990 NOK

 Fall protection course – 990 NOK

 Course in lifting equipment, slinging and strapping – 2990 NOK


  Introduction to health, safety and environment (HSE) – 990 NOK

  HSE for foreign workers – 1090 NOK

  Health safety environment course when assembling modular construction – 4990 NOK

  Health, safety and environment (HSE) course for managers – 990 NOK

  Dangerous hand tools – safety course – 1290 NOK

  FSE Course for Instructed Personell – 790 NOK

Hot works – 1490 NOK

HSE in the construction industry – 990 NOK

  First Aid – 490 NOK




  • You can start the course as soon as you register, regardless of whether you have paid. However, you will not receive a certificate/documentation until the invoice has been paid. Please note: we can stop your access to courses if the payment is not received.
  • Registration is binding
  • After registration, we will send you an invoice for the course/s you have chosen.


  • The invoice is sent to you on your registered e-mail.
  • The payment must be received within 7 days after sending you the invoice. If you pay later, a fine will be imposed.
  • If your employer shall pay for the course, this must be approved by your employer before you register. You are personally responsible for ensuring this.

Taking the course

  • Exam can be taken 3 times. If you fail 3 times, you will need to contact our course administrator or send and e-mail to for the course to be reset. To repeat courses and exam, you need to pay full price for the chosen courses.


Taking the course

  • After passing the exam, you can download a diploma as a proof of your theoretical knowledge. When you pass the theoretical exam, carry out practice and pay the invoice, a certificate that allows you to work will be sent to you by mail.
  • Any kind of cheating will result in you having to take the course again, which means that you will be charged for the course again.
  • You must answer 75% of the questions on the exam correctly.
  • Once you have started the exam, it will not be possible to go back and watch/listen to the course. It will only be possible to take the exam, so please note that you have a good understanding of the content of the course before starting the exam.

Practical training

  • Some of the courses require you to document practical training before a certificate is issued.
  • The document must be signed by a competent person (person with at least an equivalent course).
  • You can register for practical training with us here: or take practice with a competent person who has a certificate of at least an equivalent course


  • We collect your contact information in order to be able to contact you regarding courses, as well as keep you updated about our courses and campaigns.

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