Hearing Protection

Our online Hearing Protection course provides documented theoretical training according to the Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority.

Noise is a common occurrence in everyone’s life. We are exposed to it every day, without realising how harmful it can be. Certain industries, by their nature, expose individuals to dangerous levels of noise, putting the workers’ auditory health at risk.

By the end of the course the participants will be able to:

Understand the importance of preserving a good working environment that preserves auditory health

Identify the noise risks and its sources

Choose the appropriate hearing protection devices

Recognize the relevant regulations and standards relating to hearing protection

Implement the appropriate preventive measures

Pris: 650 NOK
Course length: 45 min


This course aims to provide a base for understanding the safety measures regarding noise limits, as well as how to prevent the noise risks. 

Whether you’re employed in industries at risk of hearing damage or simply a regular person, this course is suitable for everyone who wants to learn how to protect their hearing. The course will also cover some of the most important aspects of hearing, such as how we can identify and measure noise, hearing loss, preventive measures and hearing protection. 

Target group 

Anyone who works in noisy areas or who wants to learn how to protect their hearing. 

Course topics 

Laws and regulation/ Noise/ Vibrations/ Hearing loss/ Hearing protection 

What do you receive? 


Language of instruction 

This course is available in English 

Practical training  

Not necessary  

Other information

This online course can be completed whenever and wherever you want on desktop, mobile or tablet. The course is pedagogically structured in modules with film, text, images and a final test. 

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