Scaffold builder course over 9 m

The scaffolding installation course above 9 metres covers the theoretical requirements for scaffolding installers in accordance with section 17-4 of the Regulations on the Execution of Work (the course was previously called the section 46C and section 13 course). This online course provides a thorough introduction to scaffolding assembly and is for those who will be assembling scaffolding at all heights, or who will not follow the standard scaffolding layout.

Pris: 5990 NOK
Course length: 36 hours

The scaffolding installation course is a 36-hour course in scaffolding construction in accordance with the Working Environment Act and the relevant regulations. During the online course, you will gain an insight into all relevant laws and regulations. You will also get an overview of the different types of scaffolding and their properties. These include mobile scaffolding, system scaffolding, suspended scaffolding, tube and coupling scaffolding, wooden scaffolding and trestle scaffolding. The course takes you through the phases of assembling the various scaffolds. You will also learn about the precautions you need to take before starting assembly, during assembly, during use of the scaffolding and during dismantling of the scaffolding. You will be presented with calculation methods for erecting scaffolding.

Target group
Scaffolding erectors
Employees who assemble/disassemble/inspect scaffolding (over 9 m platform height)

Course topics
Introduction / Responsibility and liability / Laws and regulations / Scaffolding theory / Types, classes and structure / installation of scaffolding / Installing and dismantling of different types of scaffolding / Inspection and documentation / First aid

What do you receive?
Certificate of competence (electronic + plastic card)

Course language
The course is available in Norwegian, English, Polish, Lithuanian, Estonian and Romanian.

Practical training
To obtain a scaffolder certificate, you must document the following:
1. At least 72 hours of practical training in the use of scaffolding (at least 3 different types).
2. Employment for at least 6 months in a company that uses scaffolding.
Documents for completion are provided in the course.

Other information
This online course can be completed whenever and wherever you want on desktop, mobile or tablet. The course is pedagogically structured in modules with film, text, images and a final test.

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