June 21, 2024

We have now updated our calendar for practical training in the second half of 2024. Be early and register you/your employees for courses.

If you need practical training in the use of lifts, fall protection, scaffolding or fire extinguishing, you can find dates and registration here: Practical training calendar.

Many of our courses require practical training. These must be documented. This can either be done by signing up for a practical course at one of our departments or by conducting this in-house with a competent person. We require that the person signing the documents has at least had a similar course before (extinguishing exercises require an approved instructor).

Most of our courses require that the course participant can document practical training. The courses that require practical training are:
Extinguishing exercise (hot work)
Lift course
Fall protection course
Scaffolding fitter course
Scaffolding course 2-9m
Scaffolding course 2-5m
Dangerous hand tools
Lifting equipment

We have branches in Vestby, Skjetten and Bergen where we conduct practical training. The training is held in Norwegian and English. There is a limited number of participants on each course.