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Pris: 1990 NOK

Our online personnel lift course provides documented theoretical training according to the Working Environment Act, the regulations on the performance of work and the Machinery Regulations.

In this user course you will learn about working safely at heights and the safe and proper use of lifts. This online course gives you an easy insight into the person lifts structure. The course also looks at the differences between the various lifter types, including; telescopic lifts, boom lifts, scissor lift,  truck mounted lifts,  self propelled lifts, tracked lifts, trailer mounted lifts  and manually movable lifts. The online course also covers all three class divisions for the various lift. Furthermore, you will learn about maintenance and inspection of lifts.
You will get an introduction to how to assess the safety when using lifts under different working conditions, as well as a course in first aid. For work at height where there exists a danger of falling more than 2 meters, we recommend additionally our fall protection course.

Employers must ensure that all employees who use lifts have received documented training.

This online course consists of pictures, sound, video and question along the way. There will be a final exam that you must pass in order to get the course approved. A diploma is issued after completed course. Do you want to know more about how it works? Click here.

In addition to the theoretical training, one must document practical training.

You will get access to the documents that must be filled out when you start the course.

Course duration: ~2-3 hours

This personnel lift course is available in Norwegian, English, Lithuanian and Polish.