HSE in the construction industry

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Pris: 990 NOK

This HSE course is aimed specifically at employees in the construction industry. This industry is statistically more prone to injuries and serious accidents than other industries. Many of these accidents involve new employees and foreign workers. To meet this challenge, we have developed a course that provides a thorough introduction to HSE on the construction site.

The purpose of the course is to reduce the risk of injuries and accidents in the workplace by providing a basic introduction to the central HSE principles in Norwegian working life. The course covers the Working Environment Act and relevant regulations for the construction industry, division of responsibilities, HSE work in practice, risk assessment and first aid.

Course content:
• The Working Environment Act and the central regulations
• Introduction to HSE
• Roles in HSE work
• Internal control
• HSE step by step
• Risk analysis
• SHA plan
• Safe job analysis – SJA
• Ergonomics and physical work environment
• Psychosocial and organizational work environment
• Environmental challenges in the construction industry
• Life-saving first aid

The online course is flexible and practical – and gives you the opportunity to take the course in a way that suits you. You can divide the course into several rounds, depending on what best suits your situation.