Dangerous hand tools – safety course

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Pris: 1290 NOK

Our safety course in the use of dangerous hand tools satisfies the demands for documented training in accordance to the Regulation on performance of work §10-2, Regulation on organization, management and participation and the Internal control regulation.
The course provides a basic understanding of the laws and rules which apply for someone using dangerous hand tools, as well as for those leading work with such equipment. The course explains how to use various tools, and about dangerous situations that can occur when using these tools, as well as how to proceed regarding maintenance and inspection. The course explains in detail about the several types of personal protection gear that are mandatory and why to use these.


  • Law and regulations
  • Work equipment in general
  • Saws
  • Nail guns
  • Angle grinders
  • Drill and combination hammer
  • First aid

The online course is flexible and practical – and gives you the possibility to take the course in a manner suited to you. By documenting practical training, along with the theoretical course, the demands for documented training are met.
To receive a diploma, the following must be approved:

  • Pass the theoretical exam in the online course
  • Send documentation of practical training

Documents to fill out are provided in the course.

Course duration: ~3-4 hours