April 16, 2024

Important information for anyone taking a course in hot work.

From 1 February 2024, there will be changes to practical training in connection with courses in hot work. Here are some important points you should familiarise yourself with:

The instructor for the practical fire extinguishing exercise must be an approved instructor in the system or an employee of the fire department with expertise in conducting practical fire extinguishing exercises. Documentation of the completed extinguishing exercise must be submitted no later than three (3) months after completion of the course. Please note that your phone number is mandatory to receive a hot worker certification.

We have updated our calendar with dates for fire extinguishing training: Course calendar 2024

Finance Norway Insurance Operations has adopted new safety regulations and checklist (formerly work instructions) for the performance of hot work applicable from 01.01.2024. You can download the new regulations and checklist here:
Safety regulations – 2024
Checklist – 2024 (former work instructions)